U.S. Consumers Demand Choice in How They Pay, but Often Still Choose Cash

December 5 — In a digital-first world, the importance of cash within the payments ecosystem remains strong based on the many unique features of the tried-and-true greenback.


Unveiling the Windows 10 Myth

By Mark D. Smith

November 20 — Not very long ago, financial institutions (FIs) completed their final ATM upgrades to Windows 7 with a sigh of relief. Now just a few short years later, FIs are facing another costly and time-consuming upgrade to Windows 10 by January 14, 2020 or face the same security risks they did with the Window 7 migration – no updates, no patches, no technical support, PCI non-compliance, increased operating costs, possible performance issues and more.

With a growing threat of malware and cyberattacks, no FI can afford to do without the necessary security updates which are vital to secure ATM operations.


Exactly How Long Does It Take to Hack an ATM?

November 16 — When Framingham, Mass.-based Positive Technologies set out to set NCR, Diebold Nixdorf and GRGBanking ATMs to identify potential risks for banks and consumers, it discovered that 69 percent of ATMs tested were vulnerable to Black Box attacks. In such an attack, a criminal attaches a Black Box — a device programmed to send a command to dispense banknotes — to an ATM’s cash dispenser. Performing the entire attack, from connecting the device to the ATM to bypassing security to collecting the case, took no more than 10 minutes on some ATM models.


3 Ways Financial Institutions Can Use Event ATMs to Increase Brand Awareness

By Yonas Marcos

Branding is about much more than just a company logo; it is about communication with consumers and the surrounding community. Brand reflects how we differentiate from competitors and startups. Consequently, brand awareness is one of the most vital points of marketing strategy. According to research, consumers that recognize a brand are more likely to see it as a familiar, dependable, safe option.


Consumers Can Now Purchase Bitcoin at ATMs

October 15 — Boston, Ma.-based LibertyX and Genmega, Hayward, Calif., announced the launch of America’s first debit Bitcoin ATM. Consumers using these ATMs can use their debit cards to purchase Bitcoin at up to 100,000 ATMs in the U.S. Through this partnership, any Genmega ATM can enable the LibertyX capability and start selling Bitcoin to consumers via a simple update process.


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