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ATM Operators’ Cash Settlement Accounts Still Face Questionable Closure, ATMIA Study Finds

A recent release from ATMIA suggests that despite the Department of Justice’s 2017 proclamation that Operation Choke Point had been terminated, many ATM operators have continued to have their cash settlement and other business accounts, apparently in good standing, closed for questionable reasons. ATMIA’s statement alleges that speculation is increasing that current closures may be tied more to de-risking strategies or profitability criteria than direct pressure from regulators.


Off-Site ATMs Boost Financial Inclusion

There were 3.3 million ATMs worldwide at the end of 2017, 51 percent of which were located away from branches. The number and share of off-site ATMs continue to increase, with more than 15,000 new such terminals installed during 2017.


ATM Provider Assists Secret Service in Thwarting ATM Attacks

Payment Alliance International, a privately-held ATM provider, is collaborating with the U.S. Secret Service and local law enforcement agencies to thwart man-in-the-middle attacks at ATMs. Using proprietary real-time reporting software, PAI is able to alert officials of potential attacks while they occur, enabling law enforcement to apprehend criminals on the spot.


Preparing for the Next Breach

By Alyssa Arredondo

After major data breaches — like the 2018 attacks on Marriott, Facebook, and Macy’s — merchants aren’t the only ones forced to take action. Consumers and financial institutions are often left to pick up the pieces by having to cancel payment cards and retake control of their financial data, causing strains on members, customers and institutions.


Payments: Looking Back at 2018 and Forward to 2019

December 27 — The state of payments is constantly evolving, and this past year has brought several major trends that will impact the direction of the industry for years to come. These major developments also point to the trends we anticipate will be the biggest drivers in payments for 2019.

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