Business Development

Good Management Starts at the Top

By Tom Bengtson

In “Bull by the Horns,” former FDIC Chair Sheila Bair notes morale at the agency increased dramatically under her leadership during the financial crisis, with it even being recognized as a “best place to work.”


Think Before You Hit ‘Send’

By Christy Baker

We have all been there. A board reporting deadline looms and you are waiting on “Jacob” to provide his quarterly charge-off numbers. This really isn’t his M.O., as he normally has them to you in plenty of time. But you are down to the wire and send him a quick email asking for an update. Within seconds, you receive an “out of office” message stating he will be gone through the end of the week. WHAT? 


Easing the Talent Search

Tips for hiring managers

By Jim Murez

What steps can bank hiring managers take to help ensure they’ll have a pipeline of top talent ready to fill vacancies or cover expansions? Experts offered tips on what’s worked well for them.


Best Practices in Banking Vendor Management

By Scott Sargent

For the past several years, federal regulators have targeted vendor management risk as one of their top regulatory priorities. The growing reliance on third-party service providers is only increasing the need and demand for effective vendor management programs.  On April 2, the FDIC reminded the banks under its supervision that it expects them to comply with the guidance previously issued.[1]


8 Common Delegation Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

By Angela Civitella

Delegating is the key to a successful business, and it sets bosses apart from true leaders. The hardest part? Knowing when to let go. Are you delegating tasks, then finding yourself nervous, hovering over your team making sure they do it right? Well, if they don’t do it right, it might be as much your fault as it is theirs.

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