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3 Ways Financial Institutions Can Use Event ATMs to Increase Brand Awareness

By Yonas Marcos

Branding is about much more than just a company logo; it is about communication with consumers and the surrounding community. Brand reflects how we differentiate from competitors and startups. Consequently, brand awareness is one of the most vital points of marketing strategy. According to research, consumers that recognize a brand are more likely to see it as a familiar, dependable, safe option.


Want to Know How Your Bank Stacks Up to Area Competitors?

Chicago, Ill. //

Independent, non-profit BAI has unveiled its Market Level Analysis research program, a comparative analytics program that identifies how financial institutions perform in specific markets relative to competitors in the area.


Manage Your Overdraft Service — In the Cloud

Fort Lauderdale Fla. // 

Through the acquisition of CourtesyConnect/CourtesyLimit, an automated overdraft system provided by CourtesyCloud Management Solutions, LLC (a BSG Financial Group company), Velocity Solutions, LLC now provides a cloud-based courtesy overdraft management system. The software and processes allow financial institutions of all sizes to automate their overdraft service and manage it as a line of business, hoping to enhance account holder experience, compliance and revenue. CourtesyLimit, a risk-management component, provides data analysis capabilities to create overdraft limits tailored to an individual’s repayment capacity.

“This acquisition allows us to provide our overdraft solutions to a broader base of financial institutions, including those who are seeking a cloud-based solution,” said Christopher Leonard, CEO of Velocity. “We are better equipped than ever to help financial institutions of all sizes achieve the optimal balance of revenue, service and compliance — the three essential pillars of a complete and proactive overdraft management system.”

How to Secure Borrowers with a CRM: Develop a Referral Program

By Joseph Lowe, Sageworks

October 8 — Are you more likely to trust an advertisement or a friend’s advice?

According to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Report, you’re more likely to trust people you know over advertising formats; 84 percent of respondents prefer recommendations from peers.


MIB Conference Report: Invest in Marketing, Social Media, but Don’t Forget the Fundamentals

By Bill Poquette, Editor-in-Chief, and Alaina Webster, Managing Editor

The titles of two presentations pretty well identify the range of the program for Midwest Independent Bank’s Community Banking Conference, recently held in Blue Springs, Mo.: “Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram” for openers, and midway through a reminder that, “Good Times Are Here Again, but Let’s Not Forget the Importance of Banking Fundamentals.” In a full day plus two half days, Aug. 22-24, the Jefferson City, Mo.-based bankers’ bank also provided 140 guests from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska a healthy dose of technology education, from payments to online accessibility to card skimming and cloning to cybersecurity.


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