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Deposit, Loan Growth and Customer Acquisition Are Top 2019 Challenges for Banks

November 28 — In its most recent quarterly Banking Outlook research study, Chicago-based BAI unveiled three top challenges facing banks of all sizes in 2019: deposit growth, loan growth and new customer acquisition.


When Will Banks Self-Disrupt?

By David Andrzejek

I recently spoke at the Sibos conference in Sydney, which brings together leaders in banking and finance, and everyone was talking about application programming interfaces — in sessions, in hallway conversations, even at the bars when people got together for drinks.


How Is Fintech M&A Affecting the Financial Future

November 16 — According to a new survey from Reed Smith and Mergermarket, the overwhelming majority (91 percent) of fintech-focused investors and as well as banks and financial institutions (94 percent) are planning two or more fintech acquisitions in the next 12 months.


Step Away from the Spreadsheet: Why Your Bank should Avoid Excel for These Tasks

By Kylee Wooten 

Financial institutions, small and large, touch numerous data sources every day, which can present problems when each data source speaks a different language, preventing different systems – or even departments – from obtaining the same data. Exacerbating this problem of inconsistent data, many community banks and credit unions are still heavily reliant on their Excel spreadsheets, which are time consuming, prone to errors and static in nature.


Banks and Customer Data: Closing the Personalization Gap

By Tyson Nargassans

November 2 — It’s no secret that banks need to better personalize their customer experiences. And it’s clear that those experiences need to be more timely and relevant – creating and nurturing relationships on customers’ terms, not the bank’s.  But in most cases, the reality doesn’t match up with this vision. What’s holding financial institutions back?


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