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Is AI Coming TO or FOR Your Job? It Depends.

By Kimberly Nevala

August 13 — The forecast regarding AI’s impact on jobs is foggy, at best. In Cognizant’s 2015 paper, The Robot and I, one out of five companies surveyed reported up to a 25 percent reduction in employees in core administrative functions including supply chain, HR and finance.

The industry vertical predicted to have the highest level of staff reduction long-term? You guessed it: banking.


Five Popular Myths about AI

By Christian Engel

July 19 — The concept of artificial intelligence has provided fodder for science fiction writers for decades. Today, narratives that we will soon see a malevolent super-intelligence like Skynet from “Terminator” have become commonplace. But a dark future with a fight against monsters like the Terminator seems a bit far-fetched. Yet if you’ve been reading up on artificial intelligence recently, you’ve come across plenty of myths almost as scary as the Terminator: All our jobs are going to disappear! Robots are going to take over our business activities! Every company has to purchase AI very soon in order to survive in the market!


The Ins & Outs of Going In to Out

A multidimensional look at outsourcing sees efficiency, security in the cloud.

By Matt Riley

Cloud adoption among community banks and multi-billion dollar institutions is expected to grow even more rapidly this year than it has in the past. Moving IT infrastructure and critical systems to a hosted environment is said to boost efficiencies, provide greater scalability, reduce costs and bolster security. While these benefits have the potential to make a significant impact to a bank’s bottom line, change of that magnitude can still make it difficult to pull the trigger. So, what actually moves banks to outsource, and what are their results?


FIs with Advanced Operating Systems Grow Nearly Twice as Fast as Peers

June 26 — Automating key processes and modernizing operating models aids growth for financial services firms, according to new research from FIS, a financial services technology firm out of Jacksonville, Fla.


Ransomeware on the Rise in the U.S.

June 13 — Data from Radware’s 2018 Executive Application & Network Security Report shows that incidents of ransomware attacks have grown significantly in the last two years, particularly in the Americas.


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