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The Next Big Thing?

BB&T-SunTrust may start a new merger wave.

By Bill Poquette

This is huge. BB&T and SunTrust, the 16th and 17th largest U.S. banks, are merging. The combined bank jumps to No. 8 after the four multi-trillion behemoths, then Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and U.S. Bank.


Deposits, Politics, Tech: MBA’s Executives Consider 2019

By Bill Poquette and Alaina Webster

Liquidity is a top concern of both bankers and their regulators. As such it occupied a prominent spot on the program for the Missouri Bankers Association’s recent Executive Management Conference. As one of the leadoff speakers for the Dec. 5-7, 2018 meeting in Kansas City succinctly described the situation, loan growth continues to outpace deposit growth, and banks have shifted cash flows from investments into loans.


Credit Unions’ 2019 Wish List

More liberal field of membership rules are a top priority.

By Bill Poquette

What’s on credit unions’ advocacy wish list this year? Sure, they want some of the same things banks want: reduced examination burden on smaller institutions; guidance and resources for coping with CECL; collaboration on cybersecurity standards; a regulatory environment that fosters growth — things that would benefit all community financial institutions.


NICB Looks for Next-Gen Bank Leaders

And RDC litigation is how financial institutions will get sued next.

By Bill Poquette

A father-son team focused on generating the next generation of bank leaders, plus a lawyer duo with updates on webpage accessibility and remote deposit litigation highlighted the opening day program for the annual Management Conference & Trade Show of the Nebraska Independent Community Bankers Nov. 8-9, 2018, in Lincoln.


The Cannabis Conundrum

States continue to legalize marijuana, but federal law lags trend.

By Bill Poquette

After the 2018 midterm elections, voters in 33 states have legalized marijuana to some degree, and Michigan in November became the 10th state to allow recreational use. Missouri was one of two states, along with Utah, to give the nod to medical marijuana in the fall balloting.

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