Michael Scheibach

Mobile Payments on the Move

Technologies are now in sync with consumer demand.

By Michael Scheibach, Contributing Editor

“Mobile payments will continue to grow in 2018 as they are a perfect product for the times,” writes industry analyst Michael Brown. “Given the rise of cryptocurrencies and the ever-growing shift toward a paperless society, mobile payments fit perfectly into both the present day and whatever financial future one might imagine.”


Security, Storage and the Cloud

Now’s the time to explore the benefits of the cloud.

By Michael Scheibach

Two years ago, a survey conducted by Netwrix, a data security company, found that financial institutions were not able to keep up with regulatory requirements and often failed to establish IT auditing and reporting processes in a timely and efficient manner. More alarming, 75 percent of respondents had partial or no visibility into their cloud and hybrid IT environments.


The Outside In Approach

Banks should enhance the customer digital experience for continued success.

By Michael Scheibach

Banking innovation is becoming increasingly essential as more and more consumers — from baby boomers to millennials to Generation X — raise their expectations for a seamless and agile customer journey conducted anywhere on any device at any time. A recent survey by DBR Research, for example, placed “removing friction from the customer journey” as the No. 1 trend in 2018.


Get Ready for Artificial Intelligence

AI Promises to Transform the Banking Industry…Again

By Michael Scheibach

The past few years have seen myriad advances in the banking industry, from remote deposit to omnichannel services to mobile banking to cybersecurity solutions to e-payments and, most recently, to fintech. Now the industry is advancing into the realm of artificial intelligence.


Fraud-Free Mobile Commerce

Solution eliminates impact of fraudulent transactions.

By Michael Scheibach


Seventy percent of U.S. mobile users will make a mobile payment this year, according to TechCrunch; Business Insider estimates that mobile payments will be nearly $200 billion in 2018; and Edelman Financial reports that some 200,000 U.S. retailers now accept mobile payments.


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