Customer Relations

Financial Apps Are Setting Standards for Customer Satisfaction

June 14 — As digital/mobile banking becomes more and more mainstream, the mobile apps designed by banks and credit card companies are raising expectations for ease of use and customer satisfaction across all industries.


Here’s What Americans Really Think of the Fed

June 12 — It is widely expected that another Fed rate hike will be announced this month, and with credit card balances higher than they’ve ever been before, changes in interest rates can affect consumers who, it turns out, are not that fond of the idea.


Putting the Retail in Banking, Part III: Generating Branch Involvement

June 7 — If, as discussed in Part II, strong branch interactions drive product sales, but also if, as discussed in Part I, branch traffic is diminishing, how can banks drive branch traffic? Aside from giving potential customers easy ways to book appointments for in-person consultation, community and/or educational events give people a way to experience in-person branch interactions.


Putting the Retail in Banking, Part II: In-Person Matters

June 6 — While branch traffic has diminished in recent years, this has made the in-branch interactions that do take place more not less important. As bookingbug’s reports stated, “… as customers spend less time in branches, each branch experience is magnified. Customers are coming into branches not for transactions but for consulting and dealing with problems.”


Could Alternative Credit Data Improve Credit Access?

June 5 — Many consumers face barriers to accessing credit, and some can end up paying more for credit than others. A lack of credit history or a “thin” credit file can impede access to funds. Data from Experian’s State of Alternative Credit Data report shows that using “alternative” credit data may widen the field of qualified borrowers.


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