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Banking App Innovation Boosts Adoption and Usage

Data from the Federal Reserve among others show a significant slowing of mobile banking adoption in recent years, falling short of online banking usage rates even as smartphones approached saturation point and financial institutions of all sizes launched app-based services. The industry has responded with a change in strategy, analysts say. There’s more interest in designing cross-channel customer journeys — hybrid experiences — now than during the years of double-digit growth in mobile user numbers. Banks continue to bring more of their traditional offerings onto their apps, but the emphasis is less on ticking boxes than on deepening engagement and moment-to-moment relevance by making the best use of channels’ particular strengths.


Teach Children to Save Turns 22!

More than 9,850 bankers hosted financial education events across the country in celebration of Teach Children to Save day this year. Since 1997, the American Bankers Association Foundation’s financial education initiatives have reached 10.5 million young people with the help of more than 260,000 banker volunteers.


Is Winning the Lottery a Reasonable Retirement Plan?

Millennials aren’t ruling it out — by a long shot.

Many Americans fail to benefit from the booming stock market because they think they lack the money and — more importantly — the know-how to invest, according to recent research from New York-based STASH, a consumer investing app. Moreover, a disturbing number of U.S. consumers are willing to gamble their retirement on a lottery win in the place of a sound investment strategy.


Majority of Business Owners Use Same Institution for Personal and Business Finances

Understanding the wants and needs to business banking is often viewed as more challenging then consumer banking acknowledge BAI researchers when explaining key findings from the latest BAI Banking Outlook: Business Banking Insights.


Need to Log In? Let Me Take a Selfie

London, U.K. //

New video-selfie technology is available from Jumio, an AI-powered identity as a service provider. The secure and rapid authentication method is ideal for account logins and high-risk scenarios (e.g., logging in from a foreign IP address or authorizing high-risk transactions such as wire transfers and online purchases).

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