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Big Banks Outpacing Regionals in Financial Advice

As routine branch transactions drop, customers increasingly turn to the six largest banks for advice.

Now in its second year, the J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Retail Banking Advice Study surveyed 3,719 U.S. retail bank customers who received any advice/guidance from their primary bank regarding relevant products and services or other financial needs and 3,405 U.S. retail bank customers who opened a new account within the past 12 months. According to results, big banks are outpacing regional banks when it comes to financial advice, all while routine branch transactions are dropping.


Preparing for the Next Breach

By Alyssa Arredondo

After major data breaches — like the 2018 attacks on Marriott, Facebook, and Macy’s — merchants aren’t the only ones forced to take action. Consumers and financial institutions are often left to pick up the pieces by having to cancel payment cards and retake control of their financial data, causing strains on members, customers and institutions.


Love or Money?

Study finds neither is a key factor in determining customers’ loyalty to banks.

Banks can sideline disruption and achieve customer growth with better data utilization, according to results of a new study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Equifax. The analysis aimed to evaluated the fragmenting value chain in the banking industry and to provide guidance for banks on remaining competitive amid growing competition and quickly changing consumer expectations.


Play to Their Strengths

How intelligent lead assignment gets the most out of loan officers.

By Ethan Ewing

Loan officers have a lot to do and not much time to do it. They’re making calls, sending emails and following up with new and existing leads all day, every day. Ideally, they have strong customer service skills, sales expertise and in-depth knowledge to gain the confidence of their prospects. But not all loan officers are equally competent in all areas, which becomes painfully obvious when they reach a prospect whose needs or personality pair unfavorably with the loan officer’s weaknesses. This can kill a prospective loan before it ever has a chance.


When Relationships and Reality Collide

Tips for Having Difficult Conversations

By Sarah Gibson

“Your dad’s ability to make decisions about the business is impacting the future of the farm.”

“Because of the divorce, we need to talk about dividing assets between the two of you, including the business.”

“Your credit score has dropped significantly, and we are unable to provide you with the loan you requested.”

“The drought this year has left you further in the red than ever before.”

“Your farm is going into foreclosure.”

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