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Digital Banking (Mobile/Online)

The Mobile Remote Enrollment Challenge

August 15 — There may still be services that the average consumer prefers to access in-branch, but applying for a new digital product isn’t one of them. Fortunately, there are options available for remotely onboarding your existing customers quickly and securely, writes Dewald Nolte, Entersekt’s chief commercial officer.

Remotely enrolling users is a growing concern for digital service providers, especially in the security-minded industries. How do you make it easier — a lot easier — for your customers to sign up to new products and services at home, especially with so much else — and so many other providers — competing for their attention these days?


The Search for Immediate Payments Is Driving Tech Changes in the Industry

August 14 — With improved technology comes the need to revamp outdated frameworks. Respondents to a recent TD Bank survey of finance and treasury professionals were not shy to call out the need to refresh internal infrastructure systems as the main roadblock to success in implementing digital payments strategies, with 36 percent citing the need for corporations and/or smaller banks to update legacy system to support these functions.


Consumers Find Digital Security Frustrating, but Trust in Banks Remains High

The average U.S. consumer has 34 different online accounts. From email to social media to bank accounts and shopping, each account requires users to complete some type of security step before accessing its services. And it seems consumers are starting to get fed up.


How Millennials Are Challenging Banks to Step Up Their Security

By Maria Allen

Millennials: with smart devices in hand, they live online like no generation that has come before. But that does not mean, by any stretch of the imagination, that they are either gullible or trusting when it comes to managing their finances in the virtual sphere. Rather, millennials display significant concerns about security when banking, purchasing and moving money online. Banks and financial institutions must take aggressive steps to respond to these concerns in order to engage effectively with this crucial market.


1-in-3 In-Store Payments May be Contactless by 2020

July 31 — New data from UK-based Juniper Research estimates that in-store contactless payments will reach $2 trillion globally by 2020. Driven by payment cards and mobile wallets, contactless will represent 15 percent of total point of sale transactions.


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