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Community Banks Should Embrace Libor Alternatives

By Richard Sandor

Federal Reserve Bank of New York President John Williams recently told an audience of financial firms he sensed foot dragging among market participants when it comes to finding an alternative to the Libor interest rate benchmark.


Investor Logic and Capital Plays

By Jacqueline Nasseff Hilgert

A customer-centric culture and having capital to serve a market are tried-and-true ways to achieve steady organic growth. To drive exponential growth like 40-year-old President and CEO David Saber is doing requires a strategic X-factor. And capital. Park Financial Group has both in Andy Redleaf, its primary shareholder.


For Bankers Looking to Grow Deposits, Partnering With Rural Community Banks Might Hold the Key

By Ryan Barrow

From the SunTrust-BB&T (now the recently announced Truist Bank) mega merger on down, the retail banking industry finds itself in a period of sustained consolidation. For many community and regional banks (particularly those in metropolitan areas) that are forced to compete with much larger banks and are looking to grow, an acquisition of a smaller institution or participation in a merger of equals has been the primary strategy for growing deposits.


3 Core Deposit Management Strategies to Implement at Your Bank

By Amanda Rousseau

“I don’t think there’s any more important topic at this time in our recovery in the economy and the state of community financial institution management,” said Dave Koch, managing director of Advisory Services at Abrigo on the topic of core deposits. “Deposits are a thing that we have coveted for a while and became quite easy. Now once again we’re back to the question of, where do I go to get more deposits? It’s a challenging and vexing business in a strong and growing economy.”


Equipped for Retirement

Don’t overlook equipment as an asset

By Mark Stock

As the farming population in the U.S. gets older, more and more farmers are thinking about retiring and what follows. The role of a commercial banker in the retirement process is an invaluable one: Helping their clients plan for retirement. From a farmer’s perspective, the retirement process can seem overwhelming, impacted by personal circumstances. Why are they retiring? How much money do they need to comfortably retire, and what can they do to get the most out of their assets?

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