Management & Operations

Tech Barrier Fading Fast

A deeper dive on ITMs

By Katy Koch Campbell

With restaurants increasingly giving customers the option to order food through touch screens, airline allowing people to do self-service check-ins, and healthcare providers providing Skype sessions with registere nurses, one has to wonder: Is tech still a barrier?


Build Versus Remodel

By Katy Koch Campbell

Guthrie County State Bank in Guthrie Center, Iowa, population 1,507, worked with TurnKey Associates in Waterloo, Iowa, for a year examining ways it could remodel and stay in place downtown. Instead, they turned over their space to city hall and moved to a lot they owned across the street and built entirely new. While it was important to blend in with a flat-front building, one goal was to create a completely energy- efficient building of high-insulated concrete. To enhance customer service a pod system was installed instead of a teller line. Fully accessible on all sides, a customer at the “cash bar” can look over transactions with a concierge while a cash recycler counts the money.


Solar Initiative a Differentiator for Iowa Bank

By Liz Wheeler

The best ideas in banking are often greener than its stock-and-trade currency. So it is at central Iowa’s Peoples Bank, where “clean and green” are on display from rooftop to parking lot, thanks to a recent investment to convert the nine-bank subsidiary of Green Circle Investments to 100 percent solar energy.


New Bank Revitalizes Abandoned Downtown Space, Retiring Banker’s Career

By Katy Koch Campbell

Alan Baldwin was all set to retire from a 30-year banking career in Pacific, Mo., when he found a unique opportunity with a competitor bank. A little more than a year later, Baldwin found himself re-energized in the role of executive vice president of First State Community Bank, headquartered in Farmington, Mo., greeting customers and giving tours of the historical décor featured in the bank’s newly-opened branch following a complete $1.5 million renovation of a former grocery store in the heart of downtown.


Lending Zeitgeist

Park Financial Group’s high-touch approach, access to capital and investor logic fuels growth — and performance

By Jacqueline Nasse Hilgert

Even in a robust economy, there are credit-worthy borrowers who cannot get a loan for their business or a mortgage to buy a home. David Saber, chair and CEO of Park Financial Group, sees these credit anomalies as opportunities, and with a supportive owner in former hedge fund manager Andy Redleaf, he’s building a nimble banking organization capable of doing all of the solid typical deals but also structuring deals that other banks either cannot, or won’t make given the time involved in figuring out the appropriate structure.

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