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Social Conscience

Lead Bank gets at the heart of the community banking mission

By Cara Roberts Murez

In the 14 years since the Rowland family became majority owners of Garden City Bank in a small Missouri farming town, they’ve worked to transform it. The result is the strategically renamed Lead Bank, which has fintech collaborations, two new branches in more populous locations, and a way of doing business that fits its leadership’s cause-oriented worldview and the community around them.


Measuring Branch Performance in the New Era of Banking

By Bryan Ridgway

Industry pessimists continue to predict that the rise of digital banking will lead to the demise of financial institution branches. Important statistics, however, paint a different picture. Many institutions are actively opening or plan to open new branch locations, and many customers continue to prefer the face-to-face interactions offered at their local bank branches.


Beyond the Device — What Digital Really Means

By Carrie Nelson

Banks continue to prioritize digital when planning and creating budgets for the future. While almost all banks are now putting serious consideration into digital, the most successful institutions are realizing that digital is not just an experience on a device but rather a strategy that must be promoted and adopted across the organization.


Entrepreneurship Starts with You

By Tom Bengtson, Publisher

An entrepreneur is someone who surveys the landscape, looks for things that could be improved, and acts toward that improvement. Entrepreneurship, at its essence, is problem-solving.


Bots Can Boost Banks’ Efficiency — But Watch for Pitfalls

Robotic process automation offers many benefits for financial institutions, but you need to prepare before you jump in.

By Jason Chorlins and Roberto Valdez

Robotic process automation (RPA) is quickly being adopted in the banking industry, trickling down from the biggest players to community banks and online-only startups whose customers may not have traditional accounts. Before you dive in, gain a better understanding of the many ways bots are being used in banking, the future potential, and the implementation considerations you shouldn’t overlook.

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