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Adapting for Success in the New Digital Market – Lessons from eCommerce

By David Eads

With the market growth of “mobile-first” consumers, bankers have recognized the need to create more user-friendly experiences for these customers. Because initial engagement (and the ability to keep customers engaged) is a major component for growth, bankers are now leveraging technology in smarter, more effective ways when it comes to their application processes — realizing better conversion rates, lower abandonment rates and improved customer experience.


Merging Fintech and the Branch

As consumer expectations continue to evolve, how can digital help branches transform to deliver better experiences?

By Joe Salesky

Fintech visionaries continue to debate if or when digital banking will outpace branch banking, making the branch obsolete.


Social Media Success for Financial Institutions

By Randy Baker

Many institutions launch social media from the mid-level or below and never get buy-in from the top. To have a successful social media program it must start from the top. I mean the very top — the board of directors.


The Evolving Credit Card Landscape and 2018 Predictions

By Ravi Acharya, head of consumer lending and innovation, Santander Bank

December 8 — 2017 has shown a continued ascent of credit card accounts in the U.S., with 171 million consumers having at least one credit card, according to credit monitoring firm TransUnion. Representing the highest level since 2005, that figure equates to approximately 2.7 credit cards per consumer, with the total number of cards in circulation topping more than 405 million1.


Can Money Transfer Be a Customer Loyalty Game-Changer?

By Joshua Gordon-Blake

The personal relevance of a remittance is key to understanding its power as a loyalty opportunity.


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