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Leveraging Mobile-Location Data for a Marketing Edge

In a world where more than three-quarters of U.S. residents own a smartphone, digital advertising is a no-brainer. In fact, spending on digital advertising by financial institutions is expected to exceed $12 billion by 2020. However, only about three in 10 marketers are taking advantage of mobile-related data, and only 6 percent of banks believe they excel at mapping and analyzing customer journeys.


November 2017 – Monthly Interest

Banks use a variety of measures to make decisions on loan applications.  New research from Columbia Business School suggests that institutions should add a new measure – the text authored by applicants on loan applications to determine the likelihood of default.


September 2017 – Monthly Interest

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says that nearly half of student loan borrowers leave school owing at least $20,000 – double the share of borrowers a decade ago. The CFPB also found that more borrowers are taking out student loans later in life, and fewer borrowers are paying down their student debt in five years.


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