A Monopoly Not in the Public Interest

By Thomas Hoenig

I was surprised to see Bill Poquette’s editorial (BankNews, May 2019) channeling the Bank Policy Institute’s assertion that The Clearing House deserved a monopoly for real time payments in the United States. The idea that only TCH should provide this service and that competition from the Federal Reserve banks or others would hinder progress is wrong and inconsistent with over 100 years of experience. As he notes, the Bank Policy Institute is an instrument of TCH banks, and making public policy decisions from its viewpoint would adversely affect the payments system for decades to come.


Survey: More Businesses Are Taking Advantage of Commercial Card Programs

More businesses are taking advantage of what a commercial card program can offer, with over one-third (35 percent) of respondents utilizing travel and expense, procurement card and virtual card products, compared to the less than 20 percent last year, according to Capital One’s 2019 survey at the annual NAPCP Commercial Card & Payment Conference.


Best Credit Cards Worth $1,200 More than Worst Cards Over Two Years

Although one in three people say


Most Consumers Likely Choose Financial Institutions Because of Good Credit Card Offers

The majority of consumers (71 percent) find good credit card offerings important when choosing a financial institutions for everyday banking needs, according to a recent consumer survey by Austin, Texas-based Kasasa.


Contactless Card Rollout May Not Hurt Mobile Payment Adoption, But Probably Won’t Help Either

“The death of plastic.” Apple Pay’s launch in 2014 invited headlines touting the digital payments revolution, but in the years since, plastic has thrived. Consumers swiped, they dipped and now they’re beginning to tap
— all with a physical card. Some argue that the proliferation of tapping a physical card at checkout will increase comfort tapping one’s phone. However, a new issue of Auriemma Research’s Mobile Pay Tracker suggests that contactless cards may have some mobile-friendly consumers reverting from digital to physical payments.

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