U.S. Consumers Demand Choice in How They Pay, but Often Still Choose Cash

December 5 — In a digital-first world, the importance of cash within the payments ecosystem remains strong based on the many unique features of the tried-and-true greenback.


Americans Are Anxious about Bills — Nearly Half Are Late on Payments

November 29 — When it comes to bills, the majority (60 percent) of Americans express anxiety, while nearly half (46 percent) are behind on payments and over a third (39 percent) feel a need to call about their accounts.


The Virtual Card for Commercial Clients

Salt Lake City, Utah //

Virtual card demand and use continue to expand, and recent research shows that virtual cards are one of the fastest-growing payments products, with more than 20 percent growth per year and $132 billion spent on virtual cards in 2017. It is timely, then, that Galileo Processing Inc. has launched its virtual commercial card solution, which facilitates e-commerce, in-store payments, accounts payable and expense management for companies across various industries.

“Galileo’s virtual cards are beneficial for many payment environments where using plastic cards is time-consuming and inconvenient,” said Clay Wilkes, Galileo’s CEO. “Our virtual cards streamline payments operations, help reduce errors and fraud and generate new revenue through interchange on every transaction.”

The card is a randomly generated, single-use token that handles a single transaction in a specific amount. The payment is processed through a card network and may be issued on Galileo’s credit, debit or prepaid platforms. Galileo claims the card enhances security and reconciliation, cuts the cost and time required to process checks, and eliminates the setup and information-sharing required for ACH payments.

Banks Look to Automation for Accurate Payments and Better CX

October 25 — Payments providers are increasingly focused on streamlining and automating the validation of bank and payment information in order to reduce payment failures and create a more trusted and transparent experience.


U.S. Consumers Worry More About Internet Security than Those in Peer Nations

October 24 — The 2018 Unisys Security Index surveyed more than 13,000 consumers in 13 countries, including more than 1,000 in the U.S., in August and September of this year. The index gauged their attitudes on a wide range of security-related issues, calculating scores from 0 to 300 based on concern about eight specific topics within the categories of national, financial, internet and personal security.


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