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The Long, Winding DIF Road

By Tom Bengtson

You might remember in late 2009 when the FDIC required banks to pre-pay three years’ worth of deposit insurance premiums. Despite a one-time 5-basis-point special assessment levied against the industry mid-year, the Deposit Insurance Fund was precariously low at a time when more bank failures seemed imminent. The mandated pre-pay, however, flooded the DIF with $45 billion, which proved essential for getting it through the crisis. Protected by massive liquidity migrated from volatile equity markets, banks withstood the financial hit.


Payment Realities

By Tom Bengtson

Was anyone surprised when the Fed announced Aug. 5 it would create a real-time payment and settlement service? The Fed has been the backstop clearing house for payments for more than a century; the evolution of those payments to digital is no reason for the Fed to back away from the crucial work of facilitating payments and settlement.


Hemp Offers Profit Potential but Also Pitfalls

By Jim Murez

It’s been a rough go lately for the nation’s farmers, with some combination of tariffs, low prices at the farm gate and flooding all impacting their livelihoods. However, one provision in the 2018 Farm Bill offered a glimmer of light for some farmers: Hemp.


Has Your Organization Spent Enough Time Focused on Your Customer Tax Reporting Requirements?

By Tara Ferris, Justin O’Brien and Paul Frasco

The last several years have shown a dramatic increase in the volume and complexity of customer tax information reporting (i.e., Forms 1099), highlighting challenges in the back office tax operations function responsible for tax reporting and withholding. These last few years have taught us that organizations would be prudent to focus on potential reputational risks of customer tax reporting and withholding as well as how to make their process more efficient and effective.


Regulators Signaling Retreat on Nonbanks

By Gene Ludwig

There has been a hole in the American financial regulatory system with its light- to no-touch regulatory environment for large nonbank financial institutions. A March proposal by a panel of regulators that nonbanks should be regulated only by their activities in business sectors could make that hole yet bigger.

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