Risk Management

Planning for an Economic Downturn Is Key to Sustaining Independence

By Karen Grandstrand

Banks are enjoying good times and, as one regulator recently told me, “peace time” in terms of regulatory findings and enforcement actions. Hopefully this peace time will continue. However, in case it does not last, it is wise to consider steps that can be taken now to avoid (or at least mitigate) financial stress, which could lead to the need to sell your institution or take on partners. Here are nine areas where I encourage you to focus:


Treasury Agreements Provide Critical Protection

By Anton J. Moch

Picture this: a customer calls to tell you the new mobile payment application you offer through your third party data processor resulted in an unauthorized draw on his $50,000 credit line. The result is an improper electronic payment being made to an outside party.  


Best Practices in Banking Vendor Management

By Scott Sargent

For the past several years, federal regulators have targeted vendor management risk as one of their top regulatory priorities. The growing reliance on third-party service providers is only increasing the need and demand for effective vendor management programs.  On April 2, the FDIC reminded the banks under its supervision that it expects them to comply with the guidance previously issued.[1]


Ag Credit Continues as Relief Flows

By Justin Dullum

President Donald Trump’s ongoing trade war with China is taking its own toll on the ag industry. But it has come at a time of unprecedented weather events, and the phenomena are a one-two punch. 


Chicken Little and the Economy

By KC Mathews and Eric Kelley

Chicken Little would have been a terrible economist. She was hit on the head by a falling acorn and immediately declared “the sky is falling.” Perhaps a bit more analysis should have been conducted since the sky, in fact, was not falling.

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