Risk Management

Vendor Management Is Risk Management

Just because you outsource it, you’re still responsible for it. — Terry Ammons

By Alaina Webster

At a time when more and more financial institutions are outsourcing pieces of their operations, good vendor management has become crucial to success. From improving the bottom line to staying in the good graces of regulators, staying on top of vendor services and understanding the vulnerabilities they present is a key challenge.


Trending in 2019: Financial Compliance Risk Reduction

By Iain Daws

Since the financial crisis in 2008, financial compliance has undergone a significant shift. Regulators and governments have introduced stricter, more comprehensive rules. Complying with regulatory mandates — such as the Dodd-Frank Act in the United States and MiFID II in the European Union — requires effective, reliable and accurate communications capture, as well as ongoing, proactive communication surveillance and infrastructure monitoring.


Agricultural Loans in Bankruptcy

A lender’s guide to special issues in maximizing recovery.

By Zach Bancroft and Gary Barnes

Agricultural lenders must be proactive in handling agricultural loans when a borrower has filed bankruptcy due to the unique character of the collateral. Whether it be crops or animals, both can be of a perishable nature and require immediate attention in a bankruptcy case.


Creating a Social Media Risk Assessment

By Andrew Swinney

One of your employees goes home having a bad day and posts an inappropriate comment on his or her personal Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. Do you know how you would handle it? Would you respond? If so, what would you say?


The 5 Risks Banks Face Today

By Don Halliwell

For years, the banking industry was stagnant. Decade old systems stitched together have created a fragility that makes innovation quite challenging. Operating within these constraints, banks have been hesitant to adopt new techniques and systems – until now. In a new era where every interaction relies on technology, it’s crucial for banks to reinvent how they connect with their clients during every interaction. With big tech leading the way and edging ever closer to the financial space, from the operations to the experience, digital has increased customer’s expectations.

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