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Financial Fraudsters Are Coming for North America, Hard

June 20 — Financial fraud originating in North America has doubled in the last quarter. In fact, more than half of all fake accounts targeting online and financial services in North America and Europe originate from the U.S., far, far more than fraudulent accounts coming from Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, regions that have historically been associated with fraud.


Financial Apps Are Setting Standards for Customer Satisfaction

June 14 — As digital/mobile banking becomes more and more mainstream, the mobile apps designed by banks and credit card companies are raising expectations for ease of use and customer satisfaction across all industries.


Ransomeware on the Rise in the U.S.

June 13 — Data from Radware’s 2018 Executive Application & Network Security Report shows that incidents of ransomware attacks have grown significantly in the last two years, particularly in the Americas.


Why a Competitor’s Security Breach Could be Good for Your Institution

June 12 — Roughly 128 million Americans are more concerned about identity security than they were a year ago. And yet, the gap between “concern” and “action” remains wide. So, why aren’t consumers taking more responsibility for their own cybersecurity, and what could motivate them to change these behaviors?


Putting the Retail in Banking, Part III: Generating Branch Involvement

June 7 — If, as discussed in Part II, strong branch interactions drive product sales, but also if, as discussed in Part I, branch traffic is diminishing, how can banks drive branch traffic? Aside from giving potential customers easy ways to book appointments for in-person consultation, community and/or educational events give people a way to experience in-person branch interactions.


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