Technology Focus

Security, Storage and the Cloud

Now’s the time to explore the benefits of the cloud.

By Michael Scheibach

Two years ago, a survey conducted by Netwrix, a data security company, found that financial institutions were not able to keep up with regulatory requirements and often failed to establish IT auditing and reporting processes in a timely and efficient manner. More alarming, 75 percent of respondents had partial or no visibility into their cloud and hybrid IT environments.


The 2018 Payments Technology Checklist – Five to Follow

March 2 — With a new year comes new resolutions, disruptors and trends. This will especially ring true in the payments space, which boasts one of the biggest growth markets in the world — fintech. Research estimates that global fintech solution usage is currently at 33 percent and is expected to increase to 52 percent in 2018. As the business world hangs up their calendars for 2018, Dave Yohe, VP of Marketing at BillingTree looks at five key technology developments shaking up some key markets in 2018.


Get Ready for Artificial Intelligence

AI Promises to Transform the Banking Industry…Again

By Michael Scheibach

The past few years have seen myriad advances in the banking industry, from remote deposit to omnichannel services to mobile banking to cybersecurity solutions to e-payments and, most recently, to fintech. Now the industry is advancing into the realm of artificial intelligence.


Banking in a Pocket

Varo takes mobile approach to financial services

By Michael Scheibach

What has always seemed to be in the distant future — the predicted disruption of traditional banking in 2020 — is now just a little more than two years away. And despite the advances being made to become more agile and streamlined, banks as a whole are still in jeopardy, says Colin Walsh, co-founder and CEO of Varo Money (, a fintech startup.


Branch Transformation or Demise?

New findings support the future of bank branches.

By Michael Scheibach

Banks continue to grapple with the future of their branch networks as digital banking and mobile transactions gain wider acceptance. Last year, for example, more than 1,600 bank branches closed. Wells Fargo recently announced the closures of 200 branches to take place this year, more than twice the number of closures in 2016 (84), with another 200 slated to be closed in 2018. Bank of America, JPMorgan and Citigroup are also in the downsizing mode. Yet despite this decline, some 90,000 branch locations are still open for business.


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