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Financial Fraudsters Are Coming for North America, Hard

June 20 — Financial fraud originating in North America has doubled in the last quarter. In fact, more than half of all fake accounts targeting online and financial services in North America and Europe originate from the U.S., far, far more than fraudulent accounts coming from Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, regions that have historically been associated with fraud.


Banks Should Accelerate Their Embrace of Digital Revolution

By David Ronald

June 20 — As the world goes digital, the banking industry is being forced to undergo change quickly in order to keep pace and meet customer demands.  At the same time, financial institutions are facing intense pressure to reduce costs while increasing productivity and finding new ways to streamline processes and improve operations. All of this must be balanced with the fact that no other industry, aside from government, has to deal with  more stringent and difficult regulations when it comes to managing information.


Oriental Bank Reduces Wait Times by 50 Percent, Increases Service with BookingBug

June 19 — San Juan, Puerto Rico-based OFG Bancorp’s Oriental has significantly reduced wait times in its bank branches and increased the speed of customer service over the last year with the help of BookingBug, a time-as-a-service (TaaS) platform with appointment scheduling, queuing and event capabilities.


Financial Apps Are Setting Standards for Customer Satisfaction

June 14 — As digital/mobile banking becomes more and more mainstream, the mobile apps designed by banks and credit card companies are raising expectations for ease of use and customer satisfaction across all industries.


Mezu Allows Money Transfers Without Sharing Personal Info

June 14 — Apps to share money are everywhere — Venmo, Zelle, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, to name a handful — but most require users to input some of their most sensitive information, some of which may be shared with second or third parties. Venmo will even make record of your transactions public in a social “feed,” unless you take the time to turn off that feature. Cleveland-based Mezu says its new app has a solution for people wishing to exchange money with more privacy.


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