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Want to Get Proactive About Fraud Prevention?

Minneapolis, Minn. //

Designed to assign role-based tasks and enhance visibility in mortgage lending operations, Wolters Kluwer’s new Vanceo Mortgage is a loan processing system that creates intelligent, compliant, end-to-end loan origination workflows.


Payrailz Seeks to Disrupt Payments – From Within

Glastonbury, Conn. //

What if you could offer your customers a service that would not only pay their bills for them but remind them to pay their bills? What if the service worked in concert with their bank accounts to make sure there was enough money in the account to do so? What if it offered to negotiate a bill that was higher than usual?

Payrailz can help you do just that.


Redefining the Community Bank Branch

A new era of customer expectations means adjusting to the new norm.

By Bob Gibson

It’s a time of transition for community banks as they modernize their core systems and physical branch locations to improve profitability and better serve customers. The ubiquity of mobile technology and all that can be done “virtually” has forced these banks to rethink how they interact with customers and design their physical branches.


Wealth Management

Investing in the future of your community bank.

By Rick Dahl

Factors are converging, forever changing the banking landscape. Financial institutions face increased competition from online banks, and behemoths like Walmart and Amazon are getting into banking. Advice is commoditized while branch locations and boundaries become less important, even as fiduciary pressure increases.


Step Away from the Spreadsheet: Why Your Bank should Avoid Excel for These Tasks

By Kylee Wooten 

Financial institutions, small and large, touch numerous data sources every day, which can present problems when each data source speaks a different language, preventing different systems – or even departments – from obtaining the same data. Exacerbating this problem of inconsistent data, many community banks and credit unions are still heavily reliant on their Excel spreadsheets, which are time consuming, prone to errors and static in nature.


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