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Equipped for Retirement

Don’t overlook equipment as an asset

By Mark Stock

As the farming population in the U.S. gets older, more and more farmers are thinking about retiring and what follows. The role of a commercial banker in the retirement process is an invaluable one: Helping their clients plan for retirement. From a farmer’s perspective, the retirement process can seem overwhelming, impacted by personal circumstances. Why are they retiring? How much money do they need to comfortably retire, and what can they do to get the most out of their assets?


FSA Lending in Hindsight

Two years later, Bank of the Rockies believes becoming a Farm Service Agency Preferred Lender was a huge benefit

By Heather M. Malcolm

A couple of years ago, in the Q2 2017 issue of Ag Banking, I wrote an article about what my bank, Bank of the Rockies in White Sulphur Springs, Mont., went through to gain status as a preferred lender with the USDA, Farm Service Agency. Becoming a Preferred Lender Program lender has been very beneficial for our bank, but there have been a few stumbling blocks.


Proactively Managing the Bond Portfolio

By Dennis Zimmerman Jr.

There are three important elements to achieving long-term excellence in the performance of the fixed income investment portfolio. The first is attention to detail. The second is to craft then follow a strategic plan that fits the overall goals of the institution. The third simply requires management to be proactive rather than reactive. While the first two are certainly important, this article will primarily focus on the third element — proactively managing the bond portfolio. Successful community bank investment officers understand that when it comes to proactively managing the portfolio, best practices generally follow one of two basic themes: What to do and what NOT to do. Select key best practices are listed below:


Chicken Little and the Economy

By KC Mathews and Eric Kelley

Chicken Little would have been a terrible economist. She was hit on the head by a falling acorn and immediately declared “the sky is falling.” Perhaps a bit more analysis should have been conducted since the sky, in fact, was not falling.


Marketing FOR, not Marketing TO

By Liz Wheeler

When Chad Hoffman, president and CEO of Richwood, Ohio-based Richwood Bank offered Heather Wirtz — who has a background in digital communication, media buying, ad design and branding — a full-time position as chief development officer, he “basically gave me the keys to the kingdom,” Wirtz said. It was “a marketer’s dream.”

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