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New Bank Revitalizes Abandoned Downtown Space, Retiring Banker’s Career

By Katy Koch Campbell

Alan Baldwin was all set to retire from a 30-year banking career in Pacific, Mo., when he found a unique opportunity with a competitor bank. A little more than a year later, Baldwin found himself re-energized in the role of executive vice president of First State Community Bank, headquartered in Farmington, Mo., greeting customers and giving tours of the historical décor featured in the bank’s newly-opened branch following a complete $1.5 million renovation of a former grocery store in the heart of downtown.


Lending Zeitgeist

Park Financial Group’s high-touch approach, access to capital and investor logic fuels growth — and performance

By Jacqueline Nasse Hilgert

Even in a robust economy, there are credit-worthy borrowers who cannot get a loan for their business or a mortgage to buy a home. David Saber, chair and CEO of Park Financial Group, sees these credit anomalies as opportunities, and with a supportive owner in former hedge fund manager Andy Redleaf, he’s building a nimble banking organization capable of doing all of the solid typical deals but also structuring deals that other banks either cannot, or won’t make given the time involved in figuring out the appropriate structure.


Video Technology Puts High-Touch in Digital Banking

By Alaina Webster

In 1981, The Buggles put MTV on the map as their song,“Video Killed the Radio Star,” became the first music video to air on the now legendary network. Entertainers, who at that time reached audiences largely over radio waves, were concerned that videos would change the music industry, leaving some of them unable to compete in an increasingly visual age. In 2019, has video banking come for the traditional bank teller? 


Community Banks Should Embrace Libor Alternatives

By Richard Sandor

Federal Reserve Bank of New York President John Williams recently told an audience of financial firms he sensed foot dragging among market participants when it comes to finding an alternative to the Libor interest rate benchmark.


Space — It’s Still the Final Frontier

By Alaina Webster

I’ve been in some really interesting banks lately … Is not a sentence my 18-year-old self would ever have expected to type. Heck, my 28-year-old self would not have expected to type that. But it’s true, I have seen some very cool banks of late. 

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