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Phishing, Vishing and Smishing

Social engineering is the latest trend in cyberthreats.

By Alaina Webster, Managing Editor

Is the title for this column a quote from a Dr. Seuss book? No. But you’d be forgiven for making that assumption. None of those words (except for “and”) even looks like an actual word, certainly not one you’d find in a professional publication. They’re all real, though, and all types of social engineering fraud your institution could be facing soon.


To Hack or Be Hacked

That may be the question.

By Alaina Webster, Managing Editor

“Hacker” is something of a dirty word, striking fear into the hearts of many executives, particularly in the financial industry. In today’s cultural climate, there are few things more damaging to banks than a data breach. Still, it’s undeniable that some hackers possess legitimate skills — and perhaps banks shouldn’t be wasting that talent.


Is AI Customer-Approved?

By Alaina Webster, Managing Editor

Begin a conversation about technology, and you’ll immediately hear that artificial intelligence will be driving banks in the near future. From chatbot companies, to the fintechs that help integrate the chatbots into core and legacy systems, a push is being made to establish AI as not only useful but inevitable. Phrases like “Banks MUST” and “Consumers EXPECT” are tossed about with abandon (sometimes even in this magazine). But is AI inevitable, and do customers really expect it?


A Voice of One’s Own

Voice authentication may be banks’ answer to remote identity verification.

By Alaina Webster

Passwords, PINs, fingerprints and retinal scans work well when verifying identities via mobile or digital channels, but when it comes to determining if a customer is who they say they are over the phone, verification becomes more difficult and time-consuming. Enter voice authentication.


Stability Through Times of Change

Thoughtful communication management is key to a successful merger or acquisition.

By Alaina Webster, Managing Editor

According to most predictions, merger and acquisition activity is expected to increase in 2018. An article from the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation, Mergers and Acquisitions: 2018 with a Brief Look Back, states, “As a new regulatory environment takes hold, we expect that an increasing number of banks will be let out of the regulatory ‘penalty box’ to pursue acquisitions. An increase in able buyers combined with a more expedited regulatory approval process should spur bank M&A activity.”


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