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Non-Profit, Corporate Training Program Join Forces to Encourage Women to Enter Asset Management

June 21 — Girls Who Invest, a non-profit working to increase the number of women in portfolio management and executive leadership positions in the asset management industry, has partnered with Training the Street, a corporate training provider for Wall Street firms and top business schools.


The Gender Gap in Millennial Finances

June 14 — Men and women are most certainly equal, but equal doesn’t equate to “same.” While most differences are to be celebrated, the gap in financial knowledge and preparedness between millennial men and women is something women will probably need to address long-term.


Millennials Better Prepared to Retire Than Boomers

June 6 — People like to assign a lot of labels to millennials, but “best prepared for retirement” probably isn’t one that comes quickly to mind. It’s true, though, according to J.D. Power’s 2018 Group Retirement Satisfaction Study. According to findings, millennials are more likely than all other demographic groups to have set specific retirement goals. They also have the highest amounts in savings (relative to age) in group retirement plans.


Planning Ahead, Part III: The Effects of an Increasingly Millennial World

June 4 — For those who do have a plan (see Part II of this series for a discussion of why many Americans don’t have a financial plan in place and Part I to examine why such a plan is important), it appear millennials are leading the way. The Modern Wealth Index found that almost a third of millennials have a written financial plan, compared to only 20 percent of Gen X and 22 percent of baby boomers. Moreover, it seems that in an increasingly millennial world, wealth may no longer be defined as money alone.


Planning Ahead, Part II: Why Aren’t More Americans Creating Financial Plans?

June 1 — If, as discussed in Part I, of this series, financial planning benefits personal finances, why aren’t more Americans creating financial plans? The short answer, according to the Charles Schwab study, seems to be they don’t think they deserve it.


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