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Wealth Management

Cash Flow and Bond Gains

As rates move higher …?

By Josh Kiefer

As the general consensus continues to suggest higher Treasury rates ahead, portfolio managers should remember the importance of cash flow and price stability. Predictably, unrealized losses expand as interest rates increase. Additionally, cash flow from securities with optionality tend to slow considerably, delaying the re-pricing of principal and aggravating losses.


Securitization for Community Banks

Access to capital markets provided for $200 million-$10 billion banks.

By Rob McDonough

Community banks face many struggles in today’s competitive and highly regulated financial services industry, but many do not realize the hardships that smaller financial institutions in particular face when accessing the capital markets. For example, most mom-and-pop banks that issue bonds are unable to justify the expenses charged by agencies like Moody’s, S&P and Fitch to provide a credit rating for their debt. This can scare off many investors, particularly those that are unfamiliar with the community banking space and its risks and rewards. However, recent developments in the capital markets have provided a new and improved approach to effectively direct investor capital to these institutions.


What Motivates Americans to Save?

July 26 — Americans save for a number of reasons, but perhaps surprisingly, today’s consumers are saving for travel more than anything else. A new National Financial Confidence poll from SunTrust Banks Inc. examines what motivates U.S. residents to sock money away.


Running with the Bull(ish Market)

July 17 — Due to uncertainty regarding trade and tariffs, the markets experienced a sharp decline last quarter, but new research from Sandy, Utah-based Ally Financial and E*TRADE (New York) finds bullish sentiments are returning.


Bitcoin Continues to Be Perceived as Strange and Risky

June 29 — Bitcoin may have visibility with investors, but it has a long way to go in building familiarity and credibility, not to mention buyers, the Wells Fargo/Gallup 2018 Q2 Investor and Retirement Optimism Index finds. In an initial measurement of investor interest in bitcoin, conducted before the news that cryptocurrencies were hacked, only 29 percent reported they were somewhat familiar with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. More than half (67 percent) said they had heard of bitcoin but didn’t know much about them, while 5 percent admitted they had never heard of them.


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