Corridor Platforms Unveils Credit Decisioning Platform in Private Beta for Small and Midsize Banks

July 11 — New York-based Corridor Platforms Inc. has launched, in private beta, a credit risk management platform that hopes to support real-time credit decisions by small and midsize banks throughout the entire customer lifecycle. .

Growth in digital lending has provided traditional banks new ways to expand their product offerings and broaden their customer base, but digital lenders have also significantly disrupted the space for these same banks focused on consumer and small business lending. This new platform was designed with the goal of directly addressing this disruption, enabling traditional small and midsize banks to benefit from the shift to digital lending while maintaining a disciplined approach to risk management.

“Advancements in digital lending has been a disintermediating force for traditional banks,” said Manish Gupta, CEO and founder of Corridor. “Large banks have invested significant resources to upgrade their credit decisioning capabilities. For smaller banks, it’s been more difficult to overcome this disruption due to the lack of resources it takes to build platforms in house that speed decision making, maintain a disciplined approach to credit approvals, and take advantage of advanced big data analytics to manage risk.”

Corridor hopes to bridge this gap by combining unparalleled experience, technical knowledge and advanced analytics. The platform is also a technology tool that the entire credit and risk management team can use to make fast, well-informed credit decisions from prospecting and underwriting to customer management. Users can instantaneously evaluate and compare various risk strategies before enacting a disciplined approval process. The solution includes automated monitoring and alerts that allow users to continuously track, manage and assess credit risk throughout the entire customer relationship as well.

“An important element of the continued shift to digital lending is the use of advanced data analytics and machine learning to automate, but also leverage all available customer data to monitor risk and make decisions in real-time,” said Gupta. “Clairvoyant [which Corridor partnered with in developing the platform] has a long track record of building innovative big data products with deep vertical knowledge and expertise in the financial services industry. They were an ideal technology and integration partner for this platform.”

Chandra Ambadipudi, CEO of Clairvoyant added, “This platform is a perfect example of a purpose-built solution that addresses problems unique to specific industries like lending and how big data applications can be customized for very specific use cases. We see a lot of opportunity ahead for this platform to make inroads with small and midsize banks that are facing the challenges that come with the rapid shift towards digital lending.”

For a live demo and more information about the Corridor Platforms Credit Decisioning Platform during the private beta, please visit

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