POPio Mobile Video Cloud Rolls Out Video Banking with RDC

POPi/o Mobile Video Cloud, an interactive mobile video banking solution, has announced the release of its in-video chat, integration-ready remote deposit capture feature, as well as a redesigned mobile interface.

“Our mission is to evolve the video banking experience of the future,” said POPi/o Founder and CEO Gene Pranger, who created the concept of video banking with the Interactive Teller Machine and sees POPi/o as the continuation of that vision. “By adding transactional support on top of sales and service, POPi/o helps financial institutions create a complete branch experience, defined by highly valuable interactions in every video engagement.”

Merging video chat with real-time digital collaboration between consumers and financial institutions, POPi/o’s patented platform facilitates complex banking tasks including consumer document approvals and applications, secure document exchanges, consultations and more. With the release of its RDC-compatible software, POPi/o now enables check images to be captured during video collaboration sessions and supplied to RDC vendors for deposit, accelerating otherwise often disjointed processes such as new account funding. The application’s new mobile interface refresh also supports transaction-based teams and routing while streamlining actions and navigation of the platform.

“Simplified video interactions that expand the depth and breadth of what can be done significantly enhance the consumer experience,” said Jed Taylor, POPi/o’s president and chief operations officer. “These new features enable the consumer to create a new account and fund it in one seamless interaction with the assistance of a video-based agent. These exciting advances initiate POPi/o’s expansion into transactional-based interactions, furthering video banking’s ability to augment services once limited to the physical branch.”

POPi/o’s Executive Dashboard and Support Center also provide advanced management functions and detailed call histories to help financial institutions improve performance through streamlined communication and analytics. The platform is easily deployed with existing systems and compatible with the presentation of loan origination system documents and other consumer service tools and applications.

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