Protecting Customer Data Protects Your Business

A Case Study by EZShield

Full-Service Community Bank

Frandsen Bank & Trust is a full-service community banking, trust and investment services organization. Frandsen is focused on delivering a true community banking environment where services are tailored to support long-term relationships. With branches in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota, Frandsen works to develop meaningful relationships with every customer that walks through the door.

Frandsen Bank & Trust was started in 1982 by founder Dennis Frandsen, who is now a leading entrepreneur in Minnesota. The bank’s success is measured by nurtured client relationships and the overall support it provides to the community. Customers can utilize a variety of services ranging from deposit accounts and loans, to wealth and investment management, all the while knowing that their overall success is paramount in the eyes of Frandsen Bank & Trust.

The Challenge

For years, Frandsen had a referral and discount identity protection program in place that failed to keep pace with the changing needs of their customers. The two identity protection providers Frandsen previously partnered with did not have the expertise to deliver a seamless, integrated experience to their customers.

Since Frandsen wanted to remain a reliable source of identity protection for their customers, they began searching for a full-service provider. They wanted a partner that could not only provide innovative solutions but was also willing to put the Frandsen Bank brand in the forefront of any program offerings.

With the continuous rise of identity crimes and increased data breach activity across all markets, the bank recognized it needed to select a new ID protection provider that would offer comprehensive and personalized identity protection services to its customers.

The Solution – Tailored Programs

EZShield and Frandsen Bank & Trust jump started their relationship with the goal of improving the customer experience and delivering tailored services to address the dynamic needs of their customers. EZShield took the time to listen to Frandsen’s needs and develop a solution specific to the goals and objectives of the bank – primarily driven by delivering a world-class experience to their customers and a Frandsen branded program that would continue to show the alignment and credibility of their brand to protect what matters most.

EZShield and Frandsen collaborated to deliver a widely appealing, inclusive Identity Restoration program. Frandsen had the foresight to partner with a provider that could provide services to prepare their customers for future data breaches and secure them against other potential threats.

Identity Theft Services That Drive Results

Frandsen employees began promoting the program frequently throughout their branches to raise awareness of the complimentary Identity Restoration service. The frontline staff also made upgrades available to their customers. Customers were given the opportunity to purchase other services such as Credit and Dark Web monitoring, in addition to the core ID restoration service provided by the bank.

The perceived value of identity protection not only enhanced the customer experience, it showcased Frandsen’s commitment as a trusted financial advisor. It most notably propelled them as a forward-thinking brand differentiating them from their industry peers. Additionally, it’s helping to generate fee income for the bank creating a positive impact on performance.

With both parties sharing this spirit of innovation, Frandsen ultimately positioned itself at the forefront of the digital identity protection industry. In short, offering identity protection services has reaffirmed Frandsen Bank & Trust’s dedication to keeping its customers’ personal information safe. Not only was Frandsen satisfied with the consultative approach our team took to understand their needs, they highlighted it as a strength for EZShield.

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