Sageworks Improves Banking Platform

April 12 — Raleigh, N.C.- headquartered Sageworks will launch enhancements to its banking platform in an effort to eliminate data entry and provide better information for risk management.

Users will now have the option to deploy if/then and conditional logic in the development of workflow templates. The change should allow bankers to more seamlessly match existing credit policy to automation. Institutional growth, either organically or through mergers and acquisitions, credit culture and maintaining this culture becomes more complex, and the changes to the Sageworks Workflow seek to ease systematization and tracking compliance with standards across teams and users.

Risk rating software is also being updated to allow for dual risk ratings to assess risk for both the borrower and the loan. It is hoped that this functionality will appeal to FIs looking for more granular risk data to leverage within expected loss calculations, loan pricing scenarios and reporting. This additional capacity will be available but not required.

Customer metrics will also be available for the life of a loan. If an institution uses a unique financial ratio in underwriting, risk rating, covenants, etc., it can define and track that metric throughout the loan’s lifecycle, increase defensibility and consistency of analysis loan-to-loan. The lifetime tracking ability is integrated into the platform, and the information flows between steps.

“We understand that banks may have metrics unique-to-them or specific calculations as defined in their credit policy, and that specificity necessitates that their software be flexible. With custom metrics supported throughout our platform, we look forward to meeting all of these unique needs and bolstering the defensibility of our clients’ credit analytics through documentation and consistency,” said Scott Ogle, Sageworks CEO.

Sageworks Document Library, a web-based file storage system, is also being bolstered with Document Integration. This product allows bankers to automatically push document uploads from Sageworks into long-term storage or an imaging system without manual updates.

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