Three Ways AV Technologies Can Improve the Bank Branch Customer Experience

By Brad Grimes

The finance and banking industry was one of the first to adopt digital display technology, when digital stock tickers began replacing mechanical devices in the 1960s. Today, bank branches are finding that audiovisual (AV) technologies provide benefits far beyond displaying information and can directly benefit customer engagement and loyalty.

Inspire Personal Connections (Digitally)

On-demand video calls are now a part of everyday life, and Bank of America has capitalized on this trend with its new Advanced Center branch concept that includes a digital concierge and private videoconferencing rooms. With zero employee input, the digital concierge automatically detects each arrival and then offers to connect the customer face-to-face with a virtual call center bank employee who can address their basic banking needs. This system delivers fast service for customers with a personal feel.

The private videoconferencing rooms allow customers to speak with local and national experts to discuss auto loans, mortgages, retirement and more. This helps to ease the on-site workload for branches, while giving customers access to remotely located experts they otherwise would not be able to contact.

Make a Big, Bold Statement

While Bank of America’s AV technology fosters customer independence and education, other banks are utilizing the latest LED displays to more effectively advertise products and services to customers and passersby. In high-traffic and street-side locations, the superior brightness, 24/7 reliability, and smaller space and infrastructure requirements for LED displays make them an ideal solution.

These considerations led Citibank Hong Kong’s Wheelock House branch in the Central District to implement a 1.9 mm pixel pitch LED video wall, the first 4K LED display installed in the district. Even more unusual is that the display is double-sided – consisting of two large-scale LED video walls mounted back-to-back, with one facing the street and the other facing the branch interior. The displays show a continuous stream of news, weather, stock updates, product information, and other consumer-interest content that captures attention and increases visibility in a crowded retail environment.

Engage Customers with Interactivity

LED displays are now optimal for many uses, but touchscreen LCD displays and video walls allow banks to add interactivity to their locations and engage customers without requiring staff assistance. The explosive growth and familiarity of these touchscreens means that banks must keep up with both customer expectations and competing brands.

For Actinver, a leading investment advisory company in Mexico, the rapid growth of its private banking arm timed perfectly with the availability of these large-scale touch screens. In late 2015, the bank initiated an ambitious project to add interactive displays to every branch location, so that customers could inquire about services and learn about financial products without the assistance of an employee. To date, Actinver has added 65-inch or 70-inch touchscreen LCD displays at more than 55 branches across 40 cities.

Thanks to the wide variety of technologies available, branches of all sizes and specialties now can realize immediate benefits through upgraded audiovisual infrastructure. Whether the goal is to grow a branch’s customer base, provide education, instill brand loyalty, create a more relaxing environment, or simply to gain relevance in the eyes of today’s most tech-savvy consumers, AV technologies are delivering real results in branches across the world.

Brad Grimes is Senior Director of Communications for AVIXA™, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association. AVIXA represents the $178 billion global commercial AV industry and produces InfoComm trade shows around the world. For more information, visit

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