Which Banks Were Most Reported to the CFPB in 2018?

Analyzing CFPB data, LendEDU has released its third annual report detailing which U.S. banks received the most — and least– consumer complaints in 2018. This most recent analysis focuses on all grievances categorized under a financial product between Jan. 1 and Dec. 18, 2018. The team reviewed a total of 244,114 complaints, ultimately including 42,946 complaints from 73 banking institutions included in the S&P Banks Select Industry Index.

The report lists banks with the highest overall complaint rates in 2018 relative to each bank’s deposits. Additionally, the institutions with the highest banking-only complaint rates this past year relative to their 2018 deposits are featured. Finally, the report lists banks that did not receive a single complaint throughout the prior year.

Banks with the Most CFPB Complaints in 2018 per Billions in Deposits

The banks listed in the table below received at least one CFPB complaint between the dates indicated above. The banks are ranked by the number of complaints per billions of dollars in deposits. All banks featured in this table are a part of the S&P Banks Select Industry Index. Complaints regarding all financial products were included in this table. A negative number in the “Rank Change from 2017” column means the institution performed better this year in terms of complaints per billions of dollars in deposits. A dash means the bank maintained its position, while N/A means a bank was not in the rankings last year.

Banks with the Most Banking-Related CFPB Complaints in 2018 per Billion in Deposits

Featured in the table below are the banking institutions that received banking-only CFPB complaints in the time period studied. Banking-complaints referred to complaints filed with the agency under the product “checking or savings account.” All banks featured in this table are a part of the S&P index. The same terms as the first table apply for the “Rank Change from 2017” column in this table.

Bank with No CFPB Complaints in 2018

In the table below, you will find the banks that received zero CFPB complaints last year. LendEDU checked each subsidiary and holding company for the banks listed against the CFPB database but were unable to confirm a single complaint by a consumer for the following institutions. In the “Any Complaints Last Year?” column, those bank with an N/A were not included in the report from 2017.


All complaint data was pulled from the CFPB’s Consumer Complaint Database. These complaints were pulled from the CFPB database on Dec. 20, 2018.

Two different segments of data were pulled from the CFPB’s database. The first and last table included complaints regarding all financial products in the CFPB database. Those financial products included the following: credit reporting/credit services/or other personal consumer reports; debt collection; mortgage; credit card or prepaid card; checking or savings account; student loan; vehicle loan or lease; money transfer/virtual currency/or money service; payday loan/title loan/or personal loan. At the time the data was pulled, there were 244,114 of these complaints.

The second table included complaints regarding banking-only products in the CFPB database. This product is listed in the CFPB database as “Checking or savings account.” At the time the data was pulled, there were 19,847 of these complaints.

The most recent deposits data was pulled initially from Marketwatch’s Financial Data, which was then cross-referenced with Morningstar’s Data. The most recent quarterly deposit data was reported on September 30, 2018. 

Seventy-three banking institutions were included in this report. These banks were all either regional or diversified banks and members of the S&P Banks Select Industry Index. Each bank name was cross-referenced with the CFPB database. Bank of the Ozarks is a member of the S&P Banks Select Industry Index, but LendEDU was unable to find its deposit data so it was excluded from the report. 

A good number of the financial institutions were holding companies. The LendEDU team worked to identify the individual subsidiary banks owned by each holding company. In their research, they cross-referenced the names of the holding companies, as well as each individual subsidiary, against the CFPB database. In the table, bank names in parenthesis indicate the subsidiary for the bank listed. Two holding companies, Fulton Financial Corporation and Wintrust Financial Corporation, had too many subsidiaries to mention in the table so they are listed below. All banks, including those with zero complaints, had their subsidiaries accounted for when tallying complaint totals.

*Fulton Financial Corporation includes the following banks: Fulton Bank, N.A., Fulton Bank of New Jersey, Lafayette Ambassador Bank, FNB Bank, N.A., The Columbia Bank, and Swineford National Bank.

**Wintrust Financial Corporation includes the banks that can be found on this page:

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