Wolters Kluwer’s Lien Solution Launches Portfolio Sync

Wolters Kluwer’s Lien Solutions has launched Portfolio Sync, a lien management solution designed for lenders who use multiple methods of submitting uniform commercial code filings. As a addition to iLien, Lien Solutions’ flagship lien management product, Portfolio Sync combines customers’ existing iLien filings with public records data into one view, providing greater visibility into one’s entire lending portfolio — and identifies associated gaps that may require risk mitigation or other actions to maintain a lender’s secured interests.

“Many lenders use multiple methods to submit UCC filings, including law firms, title companies, secretary of state offices or third-party providers,” said Nasser Ansari, director, product management, Lien Solutions. “But his fragmented approach makes it harder to maintain an accurate, holistic view of your filings and to analyze your overall lien portfolio health, much less take corrective actions if needed. Portfolio Sync mitigates the risks posed by gaps in lenders’ filing portfolios, providing a single, web-based access point to manage all of one’s filings, regardless of how or with whom they were filed.”

Wolters Kluwer’s Lien Solutions processes one in every three U.S. UCC financing statements filed at the state level. iLien given lenders the ability to conduct public record searches, retrieve and view actual UCC and corporate records, create filings and keep track of their entire portfolio. The offering includes full analytics, reporting, monitoring and auto continuation capabilities, improving lenders’ ability to holistically view lien portfolios in a way that helps mitiage risk and improves the quality and efficiency of a lender’s operations.

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