CRA Resources

CRA and Financial Education
American Bankers Association
A brief history of the act plus information on receiving CRA credit.

The Community Reinvestment Acts Harmful Legacy
Competitive Enterprise Institute

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
CRA statues and tools.

Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
This page includes information about CRA and exam procedures from the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, which works to standardize the examination procedures of the five regulatory agencies for financial institutions.

Interagency Questions & Answers
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
The agencies have provided answers to questions pertaining to the provisions and topics of the CRA regulations.

Intermediate Small Institution Examination Procedures
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
Intermediate Small Institution CRA Examination Procedures

Standards Used to Evaluate Your Bank's CRA Performance
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
While examiners' judgment is still an important part of the process, the standards are intended to be as objective as possible to help make evaluations of banks across the country more consistent.

Your Bank's Overall CRA Rating
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
The table shows how these specific factors contribute to a large bank's overall rating of outstanding, satisfactory, needs to improve, or the lowest ratingsubstantial noncompliance. A small bank receives one of these four ratings based on its performance under the standards for small banks.

Community Reinvestment Act lending: Is it profitable?
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
A study of the CRA and banks to answer the question: Is it profitable?

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Recent articles, speeches and ratings explanations are available at this site.

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
For CRA officers and other community development professionals, this web page provides an array of material and information on the Community Reinvestment Act, its implementing regulations, the regulatory agencies, and other resources to assist in complying with and understanding the CRA.

Federal Reserve Board
Find information on bank ratings, wholesale and limited purpose designations, approved strategic plans, and the quarterly exam schedules.

Banking Agencies Issue Final Community Reinvestment Act Rules
The federal banking agencies approved final Community Reinvestment Act rules that are intended to reduce regulatory burden on community banks while making CRA evaluations more effective in encouraging banks to meet community development needs.

Office of Thrift Supervision
Definitions, examination schedules and monthly ratings releases can be found at this website.

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